Mar Galcerán says she wants to be seen as a person, not for her disability.


Matthew Whitaker…A musical prodigy, showcasing his talent. He can hear it and play it.


Kayleigh completes the NYC Marathon

beating the myth and showing her ability.

Don’t let circumstances define you.


You determine your own limits.


Finding a needle in a haystack, the normal waiting list for a kidney transplant is 7 years. 


Selena finds a match in her close friend. Not everyone is this fortunate, but almost anyone can be in a position in giving the gift of life.

Disability does not have to define a person, live your best life and discard the labels. You can do this!

Every young girl’s right of passage, going to the prom. But she is a young lady living with Autism.

The disability should not define her. That is what people first language is all about. 

Thank you Jane Heumann for your service, commitment to make good changes for all. Your stand on inclusion and equality for people with disabilities made a impactful difference.  Rest now, we will take it from here.

Just another happy couple making a lifetime commitment to each other.

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