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Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as you physical health. If you need to talk to someone or need a lifeline call 988, 24/7. You matter!

Free Government Cell Phone Service

Are you in need of a phone, consider “Q-Link Wireless.”

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How Some Doctors Discriminate Against Patients With Disabilities

NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly talks with professor of medicine at Harvard, Lisa Lezzoni about a new study that finds some doctors don’t want patients with disabilities.

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What is lymphedema? Model with 100-pound leg opens up about symptoms

Mahogany Geter was born with lymphedema, a vascular condition caused by a build-up of lymph fluid in the body’s tissues.

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‘Enjoy Your Ride!’: Kids With Autism Have a Message for Transit Riders

Transit agencies across the country are broadcasting public service announcements recorded by children with autism for Autism Awareness Month.

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